We are Sam and Kate … two Arizona raised sisters that were high school classmates then friends for 3 years before we officially became family in 2012.

We both reside in Scottsdale …about 1 mile away from each other but our hearts are in beautiful Pagosa Springs, Colorado where we make our second home.

We would LOVE to capture memories for you!


Is the main photographer 

 • Has a Bachelor of Arts in Photography

Is madly in love with her husband of 12 years

Has 3 adorable kiddos 

Loves engagement sessions the best

Hates Mexican Food


Goes by Katie…but “Sam and Kate” sounds better

Is second shoot at all photoshoots 

Can also be your make-up artist

Is the media and social media manager 

Loves the creative side of each photo session

Hates Tomatoes


Are sister-in-laws (Kate married Sam's little brother)

LOVE to travel... Even if its a work-cation

Are die hard Black Friday Shoppers

Love to snowboard in the winter and lay by the pool in the summer

LOVE to laugh at each other

Quote funny movies….and finish each other’s sentances